Since there is a radical shift over the years in how data is used, Analytics combined with business intelligence suites and data visualization tools, can assist healthcare providers by providing real-time information that can support decisions and deliver actionable insights.

Movinture provides a platform for users to upload their health records, so that it is available at fingertips when they visit their doctors. In turn the data is available for doctors over a period of time to take informed decisions and recommend the right medication.

Movinture has been working in the field of healthcare  apps and currently offers apps in the following areas

Mental Health Assessment

Movinture helps medical companies to automate the assessment for patients facing mental health issues.

We offer solutions on the cloud, for conducting tests in the form of surveys for assessing the pre and post treatment analysis for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The intention of the platform is to provide analyses on the data to provide actionable insights that drive improvements to health outcomes via both patient self-help and improved care across the spectrum of provider.

The platform also permits collaboration between multiple stakeholders, including payers, and other state and federal agencies that are involved with oversight.

Medical records digitization and analysis

Digitisation  and storage of medical records for Analytics is becoming crucial for accurate diagnostics and deciding on the line of treatment especially for genetic disorders.
Also the need for physical copies is reducing as records are easily accessible on the cloud and helps the doctor as well as the patient to access the reports on the go!!!
This helps to reduce storage space as well as reduces the plastic pollution to a large extent.
Analytics on the data accumulated over years can provide better insights into the patients health.